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The Heart of War The Heart of War (Of War, #1)
reviews: 83
ratings: 171 (avg rating 4.11)

Child of War - A God is Born Child of War - A God is Born (Of War # 2)
reviews: 42
ratings: 72 (avg rating 4.49)

Christmas Eve On Olympus Christmas Eve On Olympus (OF WAR)
reviews: 18
ratings: 37 (avg rating 4.16)

Child of War-Rising Son Child of War-Rising Son (OF WAR #4)
reviews: 10
ratings: 32 (avg rating 4.31)

Women of War Women of War (Of War #5)
reviews: 10
ratings: 15 (avg rating 4.33)

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Author Lisa Beth Darling
Dark Adult Romance Novels & More

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Book Details:
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
ISBN: 0615767613
Length: 1,723 pages
Copyright: 2014
Paranormal/Immortal Romance, Drama

Get Lost in the Epic Dark Love Story of Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod.

OF WAR Complete contains every story in the highly acclaimed OF WAR Series of Dark Adult Paranormal Romances.
The Heart of War
Child of War-A God is Born
Christmas Eve on Olympus
Child of War-Rising Son
Women of War
Kingdoms of War

Some Reviews for the OF WAR Series
Reviews are for individual stories within the series and not the series as a whole. Full reviews may be read on

4 Stars from Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Itís been a while since Iíve read a mythical book and Iím glad that I read this one! Lisa Beth Darling does a fantastic job of connecting you to the character, whether they have big or small parts. And those sex scenes, holy steamy hotness!!

5 Stars from The Indy Book Fairy:EPIC! AMAZING! FABULOUS!! EMOTIONAL!! OMG YUMMY!!!! I am at a loss for how to describe this book and how amazing it was! I'm a huge fab of the Greek Gods but, this book takes it to whole new level!

5 Stars from BTS eMag: With her masterful storytelling, Lisa Beth Darling continues the journey of the haunting couple, Ares and Alena. Having left their relationship in shambles in the last book, Darling compassionately and beautifully reunites and solidifies their union. Their intimate scenes are romantic, erotic, and hot enough to spark the page and leave you breathless.

4.5 Stars from Literal Addiction:Over the course of the series I've always been a bit humbled by Alena's strength and after reading Women of War I realized where a lot of it came from. She has never had an easy life. She was rejected, abandoned, lived in fear, suffered more hardship than any one person should, and yet bounced back with even more conviction, strength, and inner light.

5 Stars from Lovegetti's Book Reviews:Ares OMG, such a HUNK! OK on with the review! Imagine you are on Olympus for the first time, seeing a Christmas Tree.. How sweet is that? I liked this short story because it shows that Ares loves Alena so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Alena and Raven, happy, despite his first reaction. The sex scenes are very vivid as well.

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